What is Acuity?

Many of the assessments for our residents are based on acuity.  Acuity means need.  High acuity means that the person requires much assistance in order to accomplish the task.  The areas that are measured in acuity are listed below with some examples for each measure.

Activities of Daily Living – dressing, eating, bathing, every day tasks that many of us take for granted.

Interpersonal Support – support needed to interact with community members, friends, family and other people in general

Medical – suctioning, dialysis, inhalation or oxygen therapy

Mobility – ambulating or moving about, positioning

Behavior – self-injury, injury to others, wandering, sexual aggression – Behavior acuity based on frequency, severity and assistance provided.

Protective Supervision – level of monitoring required during awake hours

Generally, the higher the acuity, the higher the cost of care.  This care is necessary in order to keep our citizens safe and healthy – there are no substitutes  for or shortcuts to adequate and appropriate personal care.

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