It’s time to tell you all that “The Emporer Has No Clothes”

I was in a conversation today with the DSHS Secretary and others from DSHS.  I was basically told that they can make miracle happen – not only can they make my son with disabilities “normal” by moving him and others with disabilities to group homes (SOLAs) but they can do this, give each person all the supports they need and SAVE MONEY at the same time.


Now I don’t have a clue what planet they are from but I do know it’s not Earth.  I was told that when my son or others like him move to a group home they will be able to mow their grass, do their laundry, do their dishes, cook and clean – just like other “normal” people.  I would really like to know how they will achieve this.  Given the fact that my son has no manual skills or desire to do these things or even know that they might need to be done now, how will moving to a group home suddenly make a miracle happen?

My son is not normal – never was and never will be.  Regardless of that – He’s PERFECT and truly loved.  I have no desire to force him into a mold in which he will never fit.  I believe in allowing him to use his skills and abilities and build on what he can do – not force him to do things that we (as “normal” people) think he should do.

Let’s use our time, energy and money for actions that will benefit the most people – forcing our most vulnerable, highest acuity and highest need citizens with developmental disabilities into situations in which they are not able to be safe, healthy and happy is not beneficial to anyone.

Let’s stop this atrocious charade before more lives are lost.


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