Day 2 of Urgent Letter Writing

Dear Advocates:


Here are the corrected emails, sorry about that, also there is one more legislator that I have added and there is another email to follow!


Please forward to your email lists and as to many people as you can this is very important!! Urgent action is needed, do not wait!

If you know people that do not use email please contact them to write letters or make calls to legislators. We need to keep up the pressure to save our RHC (Residential Habilitation Center) network!


At our strategy meeting today, we were told that the legislative budget starts in the House and that the House budget will be out possibly as early as Tuesday or Wednesday. DSHS Secretary Susan Dreyfus,

said this past week that all RHCs will be closed one by one. Susan is  going to many lengths to see that the RHC closure process gets rolling quickly. We need help from the legislature to stop her, but key legislators have told us that they are not hearing from very many RHC parents and guardians.


Once again, please email your stories, pictures and reasons why your child/ ward needs RHC services. Tell the following legislators loud and clear what RHCs offer that cannot be found anywhere else. Please don’t forget to write to your own legislators! Or, you can get the message to them by calling the Legislative Hotline # 1 800 562 6000. Ed Murray- Chair Senate Ways and Means Frank Chopp- Speaker of the House Ross Hunter- Chair House Chair of Ways & Means Gary Alexander- Ranking minority member of House Ways & Means Joe Zarelli -Ranking minority leader of Senate House Ways & Means. Lisa Brown-Senate Majority Leader



*** Senator Hargrove is under the impression that there are TOO MANY PROFESSIONAL STAFF MEMBERS at the RHCs.  If your loved one has benefited from the fact that there are Professional Services readily available at the RHCs, tell Sen Hargrove your story   Do it today.  Thanks.




Please continue to send these messages:


There is no cost savings in closing RHCs:

It will cost more money to move residents and upgrade other facilities.

A high cost patient is high cost wherever they go, provided they get the same services.

Taxpayer’s expect fiscal responsibility in tight financial times, not unnecessary spending.


RHC Services should be fully utilized:

RHCs have the capacity to serve more citizens with developmental disabilities, thereby lowering

the cost per client (economy of scale) Sharing services reduces cost.

RHC professional services and over sight can be provided to citizens with developmental disabilities in nearby communities that do not have access to these services. Thereby decreasing the DD waiting list.


People with severe/profound cognitive disabilities/developmental disabilities are unable to advocate for themselves and therefore are at a high risk for abuse and neglect.

They need to be in a safe physical environment where they have close supervision by consistent staff who can understand/anticipate their needs.

The community is unprepared:

DSHS and the legislature have not provided acceptable RHC alternatives.

Group Homes/SOLA’s do not provide the same level of care as RHCs, not even close.

These alternatives do not offer the safety, or level of supervision that people with profound and severe cognitive disabilities need. There is no back up staffing, active treatment or on sight behavioral or medical support.

We are organizing RHC lobbying days. This week Lakeland Village Associates will lobbying hard to retain all five RHCs. We are hoping to get other groups down in the weeks to follow.

Keep up the calls, emails and letters!



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