RHC Costs

The budget has come out and I’m very concerned about the lack of true cost comparisons for residents in who live in an RHC and other residents in “community” group homes. As validated by recent assessments, the residents who reside at an RHC (Residential Habilitation Center) have an overall higher acuity and higher care needs than residents in community settings. No one disputes the fact that caring for our citizens is expensive – what is at issue is where is the most COST-EFFECTIVE and SAFE care provided. The answer to this is an RHC.


Now, is not the time to cut services to our RHCs – doing so will only increase costs overall and actually reduce services to all. Why in a budget crisis would anyone advocate for a program which cost much more yet serves less people? It does not make sense.

Annual cost of care for RHC Resident $172,000

Annual Cost of care for similar client (high acuity) in community setting(actual figures from DDD – average of 30 actual client costs) $229,000


As a responsible person, which would you choose?


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