DSHS is wrong

DSHS is wrong in stating the RHCs are more expensive. We as advocates and family members realize the important role this community plays in the health and safety of many of our most vulnerable citizens.

DDD has been denying admittance of eligible residents  – not due to lack of space but due to their diversion committee telling families and guardians “no”.  Please see the chart below which indicates requests made and DDD’s denial rate

Years 2005-2010

202 people requested RHC placements  –  116 approved  –  86 denied  –  43% denial rate  –


DSHS want to pretend that people do not want to use the RHCs  and their agenda is to close the RHCs.  If they deny placements to eligible residents, closure will be easier for them to justify.

Our son, at age 13 was one of these casualties.  I have included excerpts from his Seattle Children’s Hospital Record for you to see that DDD denied him admittance.  Nine months went by, our family disintegrated with our son’s increased crises in addition to my health deteriorating rapidly with several surgeries (from care giving injuries) and complications.  Finally the social worker I asked to help during one of my 5 hospitalizations, suggested that we sue DDD for denying our son any residential treatment.  That’s what it took in order for DDD to follow the law – it should not come down to this type of inhumane treatment from DDD in order to get them to do what they should have done in the first place.

“Thomas appears to need a higher level of service and ultimately may require group care or residential placement since his difficulties have progressed to the point that the community cannot manage them in his home.

A community planning meeting was held on 1/16/09 to help clarify what resources could be arranged for him after discharge.

Due to the number of hospitalizations that Thomas has had recently, his family and  his team feel he needs a longer term care environment.  Thomas’ mother visited Fircrest and reported that she like it and wanted to pursue placement for Thomas there.  DDD reported there were no openings.”

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