Governor Gregoire has been reading too many Brothers Grimm







The Brothers Grimm are alive and well in our society today – just take a look at these modern day fairy tales: (horror stories)

As you read the current state of affairs below, think about Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf or poor little Hansel and Gretel who are going to be eaten by a cannibalistic witch.  The themes are shockingly similar.

Governor Gregoire is violating the civil rights of our most innocent and vulnerable citizens.  Her decision to support a social experiment with innocent peoples’ lives by closing our Residential Habilitation Centers is not only irresponsible but inhumane treatment.  This social experiment is very costly – not only in dollars but also in the quality of life for our citizens with disabilities and those who care for them.

The double dose of lunacy that goes with this decision is that agencies that are there to supposedly help protect these very people are going right along with the Governor.  DSHS Secretary Susan Dreyfus, The Department of Developmental Disabilities, The Developmental Disabilities Council and The Arc chapters in our state are among the more well-known groups which are pushing this ideology gone very awry.

These groups talk about the horrors that they have endured at the hands of others – treatment that they, in their “self-advocacy” movement are propagating for those more vulnerable and not able to make their own voices heard.  These “self-advocates” are removing choice, community, health and safety from those less able.  In so doing, these “self-advocates” are also taking away from themselves and others on the continuum of disability.

Who is leading them down this path of self-destruction?  Again – those agencies and groups who are set up to actually help and guide them.  They are being guided down a dark, dark alley of self-destruction rather than self-advocacy.  I surely hope they come to their senses before more lives are lost or destroyed.

Let’s not let the “big, bad wolf” or the cannibalistic witch overpower us in our quest to advocate for our citizens who do not have a voice – we must speak up for them and protect them.




4 comments on “Governor Gregoire has been reading too many Brothers Grimm

  1. I write this at the risk of sounding like a lunatic myself but someone has to start telling it like it is. DSHS is surely not sharing the facts in their documents.


  2. Community not Prison says:

    This is a bunch of trash. I truly feel sorry for you. It’s too bad that you feel you have to defend your decision to place your son in an Institution in this manner.

    If an Institution is such a great place, why don’t you go live there?! People with disabilities deserve better! They deserve to be treated with respect and with equal opportunity for an inclusive quality life in the community.

    It’s too bad you can’t see the facts for what they are. For someone who wants to be respected, you sure don’t treat others the same way. Yes, you are sounding like a lunatic. I actually agree with you on that one because you’re NOT telling it like it is – just the way it is in your “fantastical” mind.


  3. Thank you for your comments. Yes, people with disabilities do deserve better – that’s why I’m fighting for them.

    No one is saying that people need to go live in an RHC community but people are saying that the residents who call that community home need to leave. Would you like being yanked from your community?

    We support a continuum of care which best serves ALL people with disabilities. This will spread the dollar further and actually serve more people.


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