Censorship and Civil Rights (Revisited)

Due to the censorship, shunning and monopoly practices of the Washington State Developmental Disabilities Council and some of The Arc chapters in our state, I will repost from their blog some postings that need comments so that people can be informed with more facts – not just the twisted snippets that DSHS, DDD, the DDC and The Arc chapters want people to know about.

In reading through the information, it is always good to pay attention to who is saying what – I hear the above mentioned groups saying things such people need choice – yet they are advocating to take away choice.  The hypocritical nature of their call to action really needs to be challenged.

I believe, and please correct me if I’m wrong, that the groups who support a continuum of care have not advocated taking away services from anyone.  These grassroots groups see that the services should be based on the needs of the client, should be cost-effective, should be safe and healthy choices for the resident and that the family and/or guardian are paramount in helping the resident decide what is the best option for that person.

I understand that many of the people who work for these agencies need to keep the party line and can not violate it – they may loose their job if they question it.  I do wonder though, how many secretly have questioned the issues and have come to different conclusion privately.  We may never know until the walls are broken down.

One comment on “Censorship and Civil Rights (Revisited)

  1. I used to think that since The Arc was a disability advocacy group that I would support whatever “Action Alerts” they sent out. A couple of years ago, one such alert came across my desk. As I read it, I started to question “why?” to one of the actions they recommended – it just didn’t make sense to me.

    It was that question that finally got me to look into the original sources and do my own research on the topics. I uncovered a vast amount of information that is hidden from the public – information that does not flow along the “party line” but is documented fact in DSHS legislative reports, DSHS budget reports, DSHS studies and assessments, and more.

    It is this important information that needs to be shared – not hidden away or twisted around to make their argument. It is from actual DSHS/DDD reports and studies that I pull my information from and share with the public. DSHS/DDD or The Arc chapters will not disseminate this public information for all to read. I try to put all references to the facts that I have on my documents so that people can research themselves.

    If there are questions about where I got my information or questions regarding the analysis, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to discuss the issues or give references to studies and reports.


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