How Can This Happen? DDD denies admission to RHCs

If this has happened to you or you know of someone who asked for or desired admission to one of our RHCS – PLEASE have them contact me.  We are trying to inform our legislature about the misleading information that DSHS, DDD, the DDC and The Arc advocacy groups among others are sending.  People do want our RHCs but the legislature is not hearing them – we need to change that!

3 comments on “How Can This Happen? DDD denies admission to RHCs

  1. Saskia says:

    Our tax dollars at work! “Advocacy groups that discriminate against people with intensive, complex needs. Against people with DD whose parents and guardians exercise their rights, per American Disabilities Act/Olmstead decision, to CHOOSE RHC living instead of community living. DSHS, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Disability Rights Washington, Developmental Disability Coalition, ARC of Washington, even some departments of the UW: When these groups advocate closure of RHCs, they literally are discriminating against the residents who live in them. Some of them have been telling fictional tales so long that their members believe the stories. How do they get away with such discrimination while accepting public funding?
    That they spread lies to support their positions makes it even worse. Legislators need to be wary and really examine the numbers, not just for what they say, but for what they don’t say. For instance community cost reports do not include all of the costs that are included in RHC cost reports. The result is that community costs look smaller…That is until all the costs are added in Then the the truth can be seen: costs are greater for similar people in “community” placements than for RHC residents. Also, legislators must really listen to the people currently using RHC services, not the people judging the people who need the services or people who had bad experiences in the distant past. RHC standards are much higher now than they were in the past.

    The position of a legislator is a public trust, and should be exercised as such. To the extent that it is, the truth can be received and acted upon.

    It is true that parents and guardians are being pressured to move their loved ones against their better judgement. However, they privately express fear of reporting the coercion and pressure by DSHS because they fear that their loved one could be displaced and have nowhere to go. This, literally has been the case for all of those who entered an RHC only after having been banished from community placement and often more than one. They see the RHCs as not only their best hope for their children, but the only hope.

    The “community” has a long way to go before it will be able to offer what is prized in RHCs for their high acuity residents. Community advocacy time and effort would be better spent working to improve standards and actual execution of the oversight that is required on paper, but which group home workers report is lacking.

    Right now, we need every legislator to be conscious of the weight of their decision. Voting to close RHCs can be expected to produce the same or worse 10% rate of attrition by death that occurred in the last attempt to close Fircrest. (6 people within approximately 2 months.) Voting to take RHC names out of statute would render legislators impotent to protect those people who need RHC services. Voting to deprive youth of RHC services would place some youth and their families at great risk.

    The continuum of services we have in Washington state is not perfect, but it is better than many states have. We need more money in the system so more people can receive appropriate services, and better oversight in the general community, more jobs and a return to workshops so that many who now languish with nothing to do can be occupied and feel productive.

    Tearing down RHCs will increase the deficits, not improve the services. Lets get our priorities straight.


  2. julianne moore says:

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