Censored posting from The Arc of King County

I submitted this comment to the above posting.  It was never posted.  I inquired into it not being posted to Sylvia Fuerstenberg, executive director of The Arc of King County and Lance Morehouse, Co-Coordinator of the King County Parent Coalition for Developmental Disabilities, a program of The Arc of King County at The Arc of King County with regards to two comments that I had submitted which were not posted.  One was posted but this one was not.  I’m posting my comment here.

I admire all those who are able to be self-advocates and appreciate all the hard work they do.

I also want people to know that there are many who cannot advocate for themselves – that is what, we, as families and community members must do.  It is for this reason that I need to correct some information regarding those who live in “institutions.”

Our Residential Habilitation Centers are communities.  Did you know that DSHS is against any congregate care and that two SOLAs or group homes cannot be on the same block and share services – that would be congregate care and that would not pass funding rules.

It is actually much more cost effective to utilize our RHCs.  The daily cost of care for a resident in an RHC compared to a community resident with similar needs and acuities is about $57,000 less for a year per resident.  These are the facts found within DSHS’s own records.

It’s time to tell people that “The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes” and stop this charade.

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