Letter from a parent

Here is a letter that was written by Rebecca, Forrest’s mother.

Good Morning,

This email is a response to another parent on the autismking list,( ran by
the ARC) of course my email was not posted on their list. I am sending you
all my email, in hope that it will help.

When I ask for services for my son I am always told the same thing.

³We donot have services for non verbal aggressive autistic people and if your son is aggressive we will call the police to have your son arrested.² Now, not only is my son denied services most places that serve the rest of the DD population but now Forrest is at extreme risk to end up in jail if he assaults and, of course, Forrest will because that is the kind of autism he has. So, then they will throw a person who has autism and is non-verbal in a cell with bars with other inmates. We don¹t treat animals this way. But children like mine who are on the lower end of the autism spectrum are treated this way.

We have not seen ³Wretches & Jabbers² although we heard it was a wonderfulmovie. It is just to close to our own lives to watch. We find that many ofthe decisions being made are based on stereotypes left over from the days when all moms with autistic kids were called ³ Refrigerator Mom.²Thank-you for seeing what the truth about autism is as well as the struggles that parents with non verbal autistic children like ours encounter. Andthank you for recognizing that my son is a person who deserves to be treated with heart and as a member of the human race.

Glad you like the movie, and thanks for reaching out to me.


If anyone wants to cross post my email. Go for it.

Forrest is now a success story in my mind – knowing the  torture that he and his family have experienced at the hands of agencies whose job it is to advocate for our citizens like Forrest clearly illustrates the discrimination that is still being practiced in our lives.  Forrest now lives at Fircrest, one or our states 5 RHCs.  Since moving to the environment that supports him and keeps him safe, he has developed his  artistic abilities.  Forrest’s photography touches my  heart.

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