What is The Arc of King County afraid of?

If the health and welfare of our most vulnerable citizens was not at stake over these issues, I would actually find the petty and childish behavior of the “Advocates” funny.  Who are these people and what is their agenda?  I’d really like to know because they certainly to not advocate for the same people that I and other people in grass roots groups do.

Are they afraid of people questioning them and possibly finding out the mismanagement of our public funds that has cost us MILLIONS?

1.  They are not “Advocates” for our most vulnerable citizens – in fact, they are quite the opposite.  Hearing the cheers and congratulations for closures of our RHCS, a move which is devastating for many, by these people and their pawns, only solidifies the fact that they do not advocate for all.

2.  They are not interested in any information that is brought up that indicates extreme mismanagement of our public funds by DSHS. If you look at the Washington State Auditors website and read the reports you will be astounded by the lack of oversight with our public money in the hands of DSHS.

3.  If this mismanagement was even slightly corrected, there would be millions of dollars saved which could then be put towards real care of our citizens.

4. They are advocating for expensive social experiments to be done with the lives of our most vulnerable citizens  – they want to forge ahead with their blinders on regarding true costs – both in dollars and in peoples’ lives.

5.  Assessments and Quality Assurance surveys that have been mandated by law have not been completed or analyzed.  Regardless of this fact, these programs are considered “successful” – by what standards?

6.  One success story that was presented to the public is about an autistic man.  He lived in an RHC for many years and finally was becoming stable.  It was decided to transition this man to a “community” setting – this process took 2 years and many, many hours of intense 1:1 and sometimes 2:1 assistance and behavior support.  He did move to a home and a new job (doing the same sorting type of job but rather than in a sheltered workshop he was now supported in a factory).  Their story ended here -SUCCESS?  – well what they didn’t tell us was that this man only lasted a few months in the job at the factory.  Something happened – we don’t know what but he’s back to square one, more intsensive supports and searching for another job.  I don’t call this success – I call this a social experiment with this man’s life.

He was fine and his behavior was controlled and he had a job – I can’t imagine what this experiment, which DDD, DSHS, The Arc and other agencies call a success cost our citizens.

This is social experimentation done to our most vulnerable citizens?  Did this man have a choice?

They consistently remove posts from public social network sites of any posting that might question their platform.

I have too many of my deleted and censored posts to keep track of them.  I will post links to some of the more recent ones that have been removed.

6 comments on “What is The Arc of King County afraid of?

  1. We most certainly allow respectful disagreement on our facebook page. We have removed those that we viewed as repetative in nature and abusive to elected officials. We certainly know that you and others disagree with our position about RHC’s. We will continue to promote our belief that people with disabilities should live in and enjoy to full benefit of community living through our website and facebook page. that is our mission. “Advocating the right of children and adults wit developmental disabilities to live learn, work and play in the community….” We do not post argumentative and repetative posts on your blog, as it is clear we disagree. Our FB page is about celebrating community, supporting families and individuals and opportunity and advocacy in the community.


    • These are the postings that were removed – I do not see any argumentative, repetative or abuse to elected officials in these. The postings are only in response to what The Arc has replied. If educating people and pointing out flaws is considered abusive, then there is a real problem with the agency.

      We will continue to point out errors and incongruousness in their logic – For instance – what is abusive? We consider the eviction of our most vulnerable citizens from their stable and safe homes abusive. The Arc advocates for that yet calls pointing out flaws in analysis of data in published reports abuse. We think they have their priorities confused.

      Postings of exchanges with The Arc of King County will be posted on Wednesday April 20, 2011. We’ll let people be their own judge of the issues but we will offer the facts and resources information.


  2. your use of The Arc logo is an illegal use and should be removed from your website or you will face legal action.


  3. Thank you for your information. The logo is only used as information to identify your organization with what your executives have written and the mission of the organization. There is no infringement issue since it is clear that the logo is for identification purposes only. I have added a disclaimer to the photo which will also clearly indicate this.


  4. Thank you. It seems you have a wonderful forum here for expressing your point of view. I am happy to follow on your blog. Again, our FB page is really for sharing information about the community and services, sharing inspiring stories and advocating for full inclusion in community life. I appreciate that you disagree on the issue of the RHC’s – I don’t suspect that will change because we argue over the social network. Thank you for removing the logo.


  5. I attempted to share information on your facebook page, even information on advocacy that we agree on but my postings are categorically removed.

    Our philosophy on what inclusion and least restrictive environment mean are different and probably won’t change. I would just like the public and families who deal with developmental disabilities to know that there are options available. It is also important to know that there is a continuum of abilities and care models.

    Your Facebook page has issues regarding legislative advocacy and that is why I posted – advocates need to be aware of the facts. If your page is only for celebration, then why are postings about budget, assessments and legislative action alerts posted?

    It is this type of censorship which I find disturbing and part of the reason this blog was started so that people who were interested in finding more to the story would have a place for resources.


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