A Father Speaks

Who are the experts with regards to disability advocacy?  I believe the experts are the people who are involved with, love and care for our most vulnerable citizens.  These people are the families and caregivers.  The experts are not the ideologues that sit in offices thinking up ways in which they think our citizens should live.

Here is a letter from one of our experts – a father:

2 comments on “A Father Speaks

  1. This is a very sad statement, notable in that it is not in any way reflective of the individual concerned and his or her needs or desires. This means that FOR is still around and active, right?


    • This has everything to do with the individual’s needs – this is a reflection of how DSHS, DDD, The Arc, DDC, do not listen nor take into account the needs of the individuals or their guardians. This deals with the monopoly of those in charge of making decisions not knowing (or not caring?) how those decisions affect our most vulnerable citizens.


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