Psychotropic medication use

One comment on “Psychotropic medication use

  1. Interesting update regarding this assessment – the people in DSHS do not know who was counted in this assessment. I was first told by the Quality Assurance Contact that the people in this survey had been residents of the Residential Habilitation Centers who then moved into a community setting.

    When questioning about the issue with the high rate of psychotropic medications of those who have moved as opposed to the “control” group, I was told by another person in the DDD Research and Data management department that this survey included all people who moved from any type of institution to a community living situaiton. She stated to me that 27% of the people in this survey were people who had moved out of the state Mental Hospitals (Eastern and Western State Hospitals) and that is what accounted for the high use of psychotropic medications.

    What I learned from this interchange is that no one seems to know who is exactly included in this survey and they alter their answers and contradict one another. With this type of “study” being done and published, how are we to know what is really being assessed and who is being assessed?


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