Medicaid Block Funding

As the Federal Government is trying to find ways to decrease costs, the issue of Medicaid Block Funding has been raised.

This is a very scary idea when it comes to funding programs and services especially to our citizens with disabilties.

I did find a very interesting comment from The Arc which is very contradictory to the arguements that they have been using in the past.  They have been saying that communtiy care is less expensive and more cost effective than congregate care.  This is actually not true and there is so much data that indicates the cost-effectiveness of congregate care for those with very complex care needs and high support needs that it is staggering.

Now, though, if Medicaid Block Funding is going to be looked at, The Arc will change thier tune.  They will say that congregate care is less expensive and block funding will force people into institutions because they are less expensive.

“States may decide to move people into institutions.  Under a block grant, rules for providing quality care could be more flexible and conditions in institutions could return to the way they were in the past.  With fewer requirements, it may be cheaper for states to care for people with I/DD in large facilities.”

So, which is it?  I know which is less expensive and have known but The Arc only decides that based on their agenda.

I do not think that Block Funding is the way to either but I find it interesting how The Arc is now saying that institutional care is cheaper.

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