“Nothing About Us Without Us”

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I am very curious about using this motto “nothing about us without us” in reference to advocating for consolidation and closure of ICFs/DD.  In a recent (2010) assessment done by DSHS in Washington State, it found that about 97-98% of those who call the ICF/DD home, wanted to stay there and had no desire to move.

Given that, how can disability advocates then claim they are following the choice, wishes and desires of the residents – the ones who would be affected by consolidation and closure?

It seems incongruous to me.

Please see Residents Choice

2 comments on ““Nothing About Us Without Us”

  1. As I had suspected, my comment above was rejected for publication on DRW’s blog. I was told that it did not fall withen the realm of the forum and that the information that I provided was suspected of being misinterpreted.

    I have since sent the editor of that blog the raw data from DDD which has the figures stated. I have given him the names of the administrators who I received the information from and I am still told that that he does not believe what I wrote above is an accurate representation of the data I provided.

    I wrote that that in the survey, 97-98% of the population had stated that they wanted to remain in the RHC. The raw data actually shows 84% (FHMC) to 100% (Lakeland Village) with an average of 97% of the population stating they want to remain in the RHC.

    I stand behind my initial commnets. I still have not recieved an answer to the question that I asked though – regarding the motto “Nothing about us without us”. How can the Protection and Advocacy agency use that as their motto when they are clearly advocating against what an average of 97% of the population in the RHC desire? Who are they advocating for in the consolidation and closure of the ICFs/DD?


  2. This was the statement that appears on the Disability Rights Washington blog by the moderator in regards to denying my comment.

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    One or more comments have been submitted under this post but have been rejected as they are not responsive to the question that was asked. The current question in this forum is: ” In what ways has your group been successful in using social networking to advance your public policy agenda?” Comments that are not related to the question posed in any particular forum will not be approved. Thanks for your understanding.



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