Developmental Disabilities Coalition for Washington State

Dear Advocate for our citizens with Developmental Disabilities,

We are gathering people and organizations to become members of our Developmental Disabilities Coalition for Washington State. We realized that the support is very fractured across the state and with this new coalition we will be able to communicate, educate and interact with others who maintain that a continuum of care for our citizens is critical.

DD Advocates support person-centered care which focuses on quality of life issues, health, safety and community for our loved ones.  We uphold the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Olmstead which guarantees choice to the individual.

This letter is going to all groups within our state who advocate for our citizens with developmental disabilities.  Please pass it on to new groups or interested people.  Also, please read the enclosed  Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities Letter regarding their position on H.R. 2032, a bill which does not uphold the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Olmstead.

There is much work to be done particularly with the onset of more budget cuts.  This is not the time to continue a fractured advocacy movement. 

Please commit to the support of a continuum of care model and join our online group at


One comment on “Developmental Disabilities Coalition for Washington State

  1. mary moore says:

    Am a Grandparent trying to raise my developmentally disabled GrandSon, last week was contacted by a subject from DDD, who was not his case worker but did an acessement over the phone the result was over half of his personal care hours were cut, when questioned the worker told me this was due to a lawsuit against DSHS, and all clients had to be reacessed within a month. My case worker has 107 clients I do not know how many other caseworkers that DDD employs, but am sure that a lot of clients are being impacted by this decision. I have asked for an appeal so will see where that takes us. Would like to make this public. It seems like the State would like to see these clients taken from thier homes and put in State run facilities. When I told the worker this she was very unconcerned and said oh well you can go and see him … What is happening here. CHANNEL 4 NEWS where R U !


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