The role of Protection and Advocacy

I have had the opportunity to have exchanges with Mark Stroh, the executive Director of Disability Rights Washington, regarding several different issues.  There will continue to be discussions with him and others at DRW regarding the role of the Protection and Advocacy Agency (P&A Agency).

With regards to my most current interactions, I have found concern regarding choices of individuals and/or their guardians non-existent and the answering of my questions “nonproductive”.  Maybe he finds answering the questions unproductive because he is not answering them?

I am again sending Mr. Stroh a letter (DRW August 26 2011 letter)  indicating my concern about DRW’s lack of adherence to the DD Act in opposing H.R. 2032 and also in the lack of respect and concern voiced by the individuals and/or guardians whose lives are going to be affected by some of the policies and actions of DRW.

2 comments on “The role of Protection and Advocacy

  1. Clarification regarding what opposition to H.R. 2032 is misunderstanding. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure do not change – what changes is that there is notification to potential members PRIOR to a costly and time consuming lawsuit being filed.

    This is a choice that upholds the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Olmstead and the DD Act.


  2. crosby says:

    it seems to me that when they changed their name to DRW it was because they were no longer (if ever) operating as an official P&A agency. they sure don’t meet the description as listed in the P&A that is federally mandated to be available for the brain injured. they have told me that they do not assist with individual cases but only do advocacy on a collective level, and they have told our local nami that they can’t respond to nami’s concerns because they need to hear from individuals. it would be great if we had an actual P&A agency, when a doctor recently communicated on HUD paperwork that I have DD, and I wrote to the dr asking for her to back up this opinion and received no reply, it would have been useful to have someone’s assistance with the matter. my medical records are a mess. way too many helping professionals are underinformed and misinformed about brain injury, and the rest of my disabilities. although it is true that my academics suffered and I had other troubles after my head injury at age 16, I recovered to the point where I graduated from a university and went on to become an arts administrator in a major city. I don’t get how the following injuries which began at age 27 and left me struggling with activities of daily living lead to a diagnosis of DD. I’m not embarassed or anything to have that label fit me. I’d just like accuracy in my records. especially my medical records. shouldn’t I be able to turn to a P&A for help with that?


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