Letter to The Arc Chapters in Washington

I wrote this letter and sent to all Executive Directors of all Arc Chapters in Washington State.  I believe it is critical to support a continuum of care and hope that our chapters will be  innovative and come to understand the importance of this model.

We have some real work to do – given that one of the MAJOR concerns regarding safe and quality care is the lack of Direct Support Professionals.  We, as advocates, must push for training, increased wages to promote recruitment and retention of staff and support for staff themselves.  Having adequate staff is one of the cornerstones of safe care for our loved ones.

I attached the following documents to each email in hopes that the Executive Directors will decide to share the information and  join in support of a continuum of care.

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities Letter

recruit and retain DSPs

Dear Advocates for DD


Dear Arc Executive Directors,

I am writing a letter to all of you in the State of Washington in hopes of coming together in support of a continuum of care for our citizens.  I believe that the division that has been created is only hurting those who we all advocate for.  Please join in supporting advocacy for a continuum of care model for our community members. 

A Continuum of Care model is Person Centered, upholds the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Olmstead and the U.S. DD Act.  This model serves to meet the needs of the individual with the needed supports to enable that person to live in the least restrictive environment for that person.  This is an individual decision which can only be made by those who know the person – hence, Person Centered Care. 

Please see the attachments regarding issues pertaining to these areas.  I do hope that our Arc Chapters in Washington may be able to take an innovative lead in the nation and realize supporting a Continuum of Care Model serves our citizens best.

Please feel free to distribute the material to interested parties.  It is critical, particularly in these times of more budget cuts, that our advocacy is united and best serves those we care about.

Thank you,

Cheryl Felak, RN, BSN
Disability Advocate – Parent
Because We Care – Beyond Inclusion
Seattle, WA

One comment on “Letter to The Arc Chapters in Washington

  1. Maybe it’s true that The Arc chapters do not support a continuum of care model. I’m saddened by this situation since without this model, many of our communtiy members will not be able to receive the supports they need in order to be safe and live a quality life.


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