New Playground for People with Developmental Disabilities

In these times of bad news with the budget – there is a bright spot.

A new playground especially for people with developmental disabilities is being designed.  This week I will be unveiling a design to build from and be seeking sponsors for this innovative project.

I’m so excited to be working on my dream project – I can’t wait to see this playground being utilized by both young and old – people who have been unable to play on a real playground for years.

4 comments on “New Playground for People with Developmental Disabilities

  1. Jean Gabarra says:

    Accessible for wheels (walkers, wheelchairs) too? What location?
    We have been disappointed by a number of playgrounds where the accessibility ends where the sidewalk ends and woodchips begin. The most accessible play area and only one we can frequent in my daughter’s gait trainer is at Crossroads Park (spray park) in Bellevue WA.


    • Yes, wheelchair accessible and for many skill levels. Area will be in North King County – site has not been chosen yet. Design will be unveiled this week but if you have specific equipment that your daughter enjoys, please let me know.


    • Pam says:

      Have you checked out the Seattle Children’s playgarden? It’s in Colman Park in south Seattle near the African American history museum. The playground stuff mIght be too challenging for a walker or gait trainer (although I’ve seen a couple kIds with walkers who’ve managed it). There’s a giant bouncy teeter totter like thing that has back support on one side. A yellow swing. There’s a ramp down to the garden house with planting beds that are accessible from a chair or standing depending on how far down the ramp you go. There’s also a ramp up to the pen where the bunnies and chickens are housed. There’s also a “montain” that has dffrent routes up. Some more physically challenging than others it’s too steep for someone to push their own chair up but kids get pushed to the top by adults. The surface is that rubbery stuff like they have at greenlake. It gives and is safe if you fall on it but it’s easy to walk and roll on. When the playgarden is staffed, there is a “river” they can turn on that is raised. Eventually there will be a fully accessible treehouse.

      I haven’t been, but I know there’s been work at thorton creek elementary school in Seattle on making the playground accessible in memory of Rose Chavez.

      To the original poster, sounds great. There need to be more accessble and inviting places for kids of all abilities to play, explore, Make friends, and have fun.


      • Thanks – I’ll go check it out. I had assumed that the Children’s Playgarden was more of a garden type of environment than a playground but it sounds as if there are some great things there that might be considered.

        I appreciate any input – this is a work in progress and a dream of mine for not only my son but the thousands of others who are unable to play on the typical playgrounds.


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