Former Frances Haddon Morgan Center Resident Died Today

I’m heartbroken to hear the news of this man’s death today.  I was at the task force meeting in Olympia when Secretary Dreyfus called in to inform us of this tragedy.

Our fears are being realized and I would hope that all transfers cease until this investigation is completed.  Safety is paramount and we cannot afford more tragedies.

As of today, the crisis homes and teams that were to be set up from SSB5459 are non-existent.  They cannot find homes for the crisis beds and until they have homes the teams cannot be assembled.  What happens if they move the rest of the residents out of Frances Haddon Morgan Center and there is a crisis?

This man had Pica – a condition in which people will ingest non-food items.  The laundry detergent that this man ingested had been placed in a milk carton.  This man was to have had a 1:1 aide.  If these allegations are true, this man died due to lack of oversight and trained staff.  This is inexcusable.

Please, let’s stop this train wreck before others are dead also.

I grieve for this family and fear for others.  This could have been my son – he also ingests non-food items for attention.  I am thankful that he resides at Fircrest.

2 comments on “Former Frances Haddon Morgan Center Resident Died Today

  1. Good job Cheryl. Everyone must know of what tragedy comes when ideology trumps reason..


  2. Jody says:

    I’m am very saddened at this Familys loss! But what about the residents who died while in the centers care and were forgotten?


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