Respite Revamp

In light of the devastating cuts proposed by Governor Gregoire, I will be posting ideas with innovative programs which are aimed at improving services and cutting costs.

It needs to be made clear to everyone that the costs and services attributed to the Home and Community Based Services are only “allowed” services.  This does not mean that everyone on the waiver has services.  Everything must be approved and DDD tends to deny most requests for allowed services.  When the “averages” are reported by DDD, they are extremely misleading.

My next post after this one on respite will address the HCBS waivers, what they entail, how many people actually receive services and the cost range for a variety of services.

Regarding respite:

Respite is one of those “allowed” services – yet I know very few people who actually received respite.  Our family for instance was in crisis for 3 years yet our son NEVER received any respite.  He was hospitalized instead.  I make these recommendations based on our own experience and from conversations that I have had with others in the community.  I can only speak of programs that I am familiar with and build from there.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department has a Specialized Programs division.  This program has been the absolute best program for our son and family.  If more programs such as this were available and people could use this approach for respite, it would serve more people, be more reliable and cost less than the current programs.

Please see Respite Revamp for my ideas.

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