What are Waiver Services?

One hears about the Home and Community Based Services Waivers over and over.  What are these and what services are attached to each waiver?  You can view the Fact Sheet published by DDD at this link:  HCBS Waivers

The “average” cost for the waivers is inaccurately reported in presentations by DSHS.  The most recent presentation (DSHS: Developmental Services Overview) reports the average for the Core Waiver at $6,490.  In looking at the actual report one can see that the real cost for a person on the waiver is much higher than this reported average.  Review the attached document to understand the services and the costs.

Please pay attention to the fact that not all clients on the waiver receive services, the services are only called “available” services – this means that DDD must approve costs prior to utilizing any of these services.  DDD tends to deny requests.  The client counts indicate the average number of clients over a year who were able to utilize the “allowed” services.  It’s also interesting to note the range involved in the residential costs and to see two service areas that do not have client counts at all.


Taking all this into account, one can see that the typical RHC client who would move and be placed on a core waiver would require much more than the “average” $6,490 a month as reported by DDD.

What are Waivers



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