Fircrest Pool and Activities Building

We are gathering support in hopes of being able to access the Activities Building, swimming pool and therapy pool at Fircrest School in Shoreline, WA.

There is a history of may agencies using the therapy pool – many with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, spinal cord injuries, people with other disabilities and children – These people have been left without a pool to access for therapy and recreation.

We would like to change that – please let me know if you would like to join in the process of improving the future by reopening not only the pool but also the activities building.


Open Fircrest pool and activities building


4 comments on “Fircrest Pool and Activities Building

  1. Jennifer Wickson says:

    Open the pool to public


    • The pool and activities building were open to the public and there were many in the surrounding communities who used the facilities. Unfortunately, our state decided to close the pool and building. This came from state government and rather than looking at a variety of solutions – including selling it to a public/private organization or looking at other funding routes, the state in it’s short sided budget cuts, just closed the building.

      This has left not only Fircrest residents without a recreational and therapy facility but has also affected many in the communities who used this pool for it’s therapeutic benefits and accessibility. We are working on a petition to have the state look at options so that we can have this facility opened again.


      • Mary Fenner says:

        I am so sad to hear the pool is closed. I used to volunteer at Fircrest. I also brought my kids there to swim when they were very young. I would love for it to be reopened for all the many people with diabilities who so desperatly need a warm pool for therapy. There are no other pools that I know of that can offer this service. I myself am in great need of a warm pool. I have fibromyagia and arthritis and would benifit geatly from it. Do you know if there is any hope of the pool opening in the future?


  2. Christopher Henderson says:

    This is an incredible place for the Fircrest clients and for members of the community whose use benefits several ailments. I remember years ago when it was open, and it was a great place. It was clean, the staff was kind and proffessional and it was an all around great place for excersice and relaxation. It is a shame our community no longer has this facility as an option. Be nice to reopen it, the longer it sits, the more costly it will be to re-open. Lets get it done!


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