$1,249,175 – where’s the savings?

Question to ask the Department of Social and Health Services and The Division of Developmental Disabilities:


Why did you close a fine facility, Frances Haddon Morgan Center, and force residents out?


One of these residents has died, there are several living in temporary housing awaiting construction of their “new” homes.  The state has awarded Inland Empire Residential Resources $1,249,175 to build SOLAs (State Operated Living Alternatives) for these residents.

http://www.commerce.wa.gov/DesktopModules/CTEDPublications/CTEDPublicationsView.aspx?tabID=0&ItemID=9621&MId=870&wversion=Staging  (see page 3)

Where is the cost savings and how can our state say that we have a history of safely and smoothly transitioning people out of institutions into community homes.  This fiasco is the complete opposite.

Please, encouarge our legislators to ask DDD and DSHS this question.



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