Psychotropic Medication used in the Developmental Disability Population – Revisited

I approached this issue regarding the increased use of psychotropic medications used for people with developmental disabilities being significantly higher in the group of people who had recently moved out of an institution.  I never got a clear or satisfactory answer from administration of the Department of Social and Health Services or the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Once again, I am asking.  Given the recent article in “The New York Times” regarding this very issue, I have put together a report with data and questions.  It is disturbing to see the significantly higher rate of psychotropic medication used for people with developmental disabilities who live in community based homes.  The rate for community based homes is  higher than in institutions, independent homes or if the person lives in a parent’s home.

Psychotropic Medication Use in Developmental Disability Populations (Link to report and data)


In reviewing 15 “Certification Evaluation Reports” for Supported Living and Group Home agencies in King County, I also see this increased use of psychotropic medication.

Number of Residents (from 15 agencies in King County)

Utilize Nurse Delegation

Use Behavior Support

Use Psychotropic Medications


255 270 334
Percentages 44.27% 46.88%


I realize this is a totally non-scientific study – I will be looking into this further and questioning our DDD administration regarding this issue also.


Please read the attached report and give me your opinion, questions and/or concerns.



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