Washington State Institute for Public Policy

I have written a letter to the Washington State institute for Public Policy (WSIPP).  This institute was created by the Washington Legislature in 1983 to carry out practical, non-partisan research – at legislative direction – on issues of importance to Washington State.  http://www.wsipp.wa.gov/

I believe that the issues related to safe, quality and cost effective care for our citizens with developmental disabilities needs to be revisited by this institution.  Please see my letter to them which highlights some of the areas of concern.

Letter to WSIPP Board of Directors

Letter to Don Clintsman, Assistant Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities – Please answer these question

4 comments on “Washington State Institute for Public Policy

  1. Sally Grube says:

    Cheryl: Your rambling emails and postings are greatly un-educated, and only serve the purpose of letting you sleep better at night because you institutionalized your child. The claims that you make are preposterous, and that is exactly why people who you have been writing to will not reply to you. Stop trying to pretend that being forced to live in an RHC is the “least restrictive environment” for anyone. You need to stop attacking the people and agencies that are helping the rest of the world that understands truly what is needed in order for people to thrive. You can’t cure your guilty conscious by throwing stones at people who are in the know.


    • Sally, Thank for your commment and as an employee of The Arc of Snohomish County I see why you respond in the manner that you do. Feel free to ask the same questions that I do – look at the data -these questions are critcal to the care of ALL people and this is an issue that many Arc advocates are missing. The reason that my letters are not answered is because they shed light on more truth than some people want known. I appreciate your thoughts but you are misguided in your assessments of the realities of my life. If you don’t want to look at the realities of the situation that is your choice. I do not choose that route.


      • When someone can prove me wrong with objectve data and from original sources, my quest will be fulfilled. As of yet no one has stepped up to the task other than to repeat heresay, rhetoric or to call me names and ridcule me with their assumptions about my life. These types of answers are to be expected when one tries to educate and uncover issues that have been shoved under the carpet.

        Until someone comes forth with credible evidence my quest will continue so that ALL people can be served with safe, qualtiy and appropriate care for their individual needs. I look for solutions and have offered many rather than just complaining about the situation. There are solutions but people will have to look at the issues differently than they have in the past.


    • Toni Penuel says:

      Sally: Do you have a child with a disability? One lives at home and one lives in supported living. My daughter previously lived at Lakeland Village. While there I never had concerns about her safety and well-being because there was always a nurse and or doctor available and the caregivers were well trained and stable. After leaving Lakeland she was placed in an AFH where she was forced to share a room with a man who was blind. When I spoke to the provider about this she told me if I didn’t like it I could take her home. Wonderful attitude, wouldn’t you say. Now she is in the supported apartment, which is better, however, the staff turn over is terrible. I rarely see the same person twice, even though I visit my daughter frequently. And for your information an RHC is the least restrictive environment for some people. You cannot put all people with disabilities into the same category. If your mother had Alzheimer’s, heart disease and any number of other health conditions, you might consider putting her in a Nursing Home. I don’t see any difference in having a person with a disability live in a RHC. Until you have walked that road don’t make decisions for people, let the people who know make the decision for their loved one.


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