Community Residential Services Association – Please Respond

In Attempts to better serve ALL our residents I have been on a mission to uncover some of the real information that we all need in order to make informed decisions.  This information will be questioned and I welcome that – it is the only way to get to the bottom of the problem.  This have been covered up for too long.

I have tried to communicate and ask questions with those in the residential care industry but they do not respond, nor do the administrators in the Division of Developmental Disabilities.  Below is part of my  latest letter to Scott Livengood, CEO of Alpha Supported Living and the Legislative Chairperson of Community Residential Services Association.  I do hope that he does respond to this illuminating data – not only to the questions about cost of care but about his own salary and the numerous vehicles which Alpha Supported Living utilizes.

I have gathered much information from the Certified Residential Care Cost Reports, IRS 990 Tax Returns, DD EMIS data regarding waiver costs and other DSHS costs for DD clients and also have reviewed many Residential Care Services  (RCS) Enforcement letters, mortality rates for various populations and the Certification Evaluation Reports for many of the supported living programs. 

From the above data I have made a chart which will be publicly distributed.  It clearly shows the cost of care by acuity, the profits that many of the agencies make (and also the losses) and people will be able to see that the reported average (by DDD) cost of care is much less than the actual cost – this is one area which continues to be misrepresented and causes much of the problem. It is important to note that very few of these agencies report the higher acuity that is found in the RHC but they routinely state they are the same.  By their own self-reporting, many are not even close to the  same acuity.  It must also be remembered that the majority of these costs do not include medical, dental, nursing, prescription drugs, therapies, food and rent.

  In reality, the cost of care is much higher than even this chart indicates.

I do have some specific questions for Alpha Supported Living though: 

  Your salary. Scott, is way out of line with the other salaries of other Executives – even though the 990 states the salary is comparable to the industry and regional standards. 

What region and what industry does it compare to?

Also, why does Alpha Supported Living have 30 vehicles? 

The agency sold 17 vehicles in exchange for leasing vehicles.  Who utilizes all these vehicles?

All Data from the chart in the link was secured through public disclosure or is public record.

cost of care as reported by each agency, DSHS payments, Profit and Loss

IRS 990 forms for Supported LIving, High Earner compensation, profits/losses

Supported Living Agencies, Residents and Automobiles

One comment on “Community Residential Services Association – Please Respond

  1. I did receive a reply from Mr. Livengood – I have obviously hit upon something becuase his reply in no way answers the questions or has an inkling of coming together to work for safe, quality continuum of care for ALL but choses to write libelous statements against me.

    I stand behind the research and reports – they are directly taken from orignal sources, many of those sources are the Residential care providers themselves. Mr. Livengood refers to this as “distorting”

    I will copy the answer to the questions that he did answer regarding his salary and the number of vehicles that Alpha Supported Living utilzes:

    “FYI – The 990 compensation is for all means of compensation (salary, retirement, insurance etc), and not just salary as you misleadingly assert in your facebook post. Lastly, the 30 vehicles for our agency are to transport the individuals we support to medical appointments, community activities, and to employment sites. We have one vehicle at each of our thirty homes across King County. We do fundraising to purchase some vehicles and lease the remainder. It is obvious from your message (and postings on your website and facebook page) what you were trying to infer by the question.”

    I thought that’s what everyone’s salary covered? Maybe I’m wrong about that – also, in reference to the number of vehicles – Alpha Supported Living has a much larger automobile fleet than any other agecy.

    See link about to view the data yourself.


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