Yes, in answer to those who accuse me of many horrible things  – I am biased – biased towards safe, quatlity and cost effective care for our citizens with Intellectual Disabilties.  What I find funny in an ironic way is that some of these people accuse me of the exact opposite of what I am doing.  I often wonder where they are getting their information or where they learned their math and logic because they just don’t make sense.

I do not think that people or systems are prepared to care for people with the highest support needs.

I feel like a broken record in trying to communicate and break down walls of those who have been led down the wrong path by brainwashing.  If people would stop, listen and think, I believe that we could come up with a system that really does support a continuum of care – a system which best serves each individual with their assessed support needs in a safe, quality and cost effective manner.  I’m afraid to say though that until the propaganda is questioned enough and people begin to hear other opinions and issues, it may be long haul for us.

I only hope that no more innocent people will lose their lives while we are trying to figure it out.

Cost of Care by Support Needs, nursing and some medical care included

DD EMIS Data for Home and Community Based Service Waivers




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