We are Survivors – Please Support HB 2581

Please support HB 2581


We are survivors!


Much like the camaraderie people develop after living through harrowing experiences, families of Intermediate Care Facilities for People with Intellectual Disabilities ( ICF/ID)  residents also develop a bond through similar life experiences.  These families have survived crises much on their own, isolated from the mainstream life, many times holding the life of their child or sibling in their hands.


Only through the life sustaining and life enriching relationships and services which the residents experience in the ICF/ID, their families have finally found others who live in their same community.  Many of these families have developed camaraderie from having similar life experiences of surviving crisis after crisis.  These families know that the life of their loved ones is only supported by the community at the ICF/ID.


In these times of self-advocacy, person centered care and personal choice, why are some people saying that they know better than the very people who have survived?  These residents and families know how close they have come to life’s perils and have chosen to live in the ICF/ID community.  No one is forced to live there but there are many who are not able to make this choice to live there due to the ideology of those who “know better.”


It has been proven over and over again that the cost of these residents with their intense and complex support needs are higher than the “average” person with an intellectual disability.    Their care is expensive no matter where they choose to live but their care can be better managed in a safe, quality and cost effective manner when they choose to live in a similar community and utilize the same services.  Moving these residents will not minimize their support needs – moving them risks their lives, relationships and community ties.


Please allow these residents the same rights and choices as all others in our society.


This is for Tommy – We Care!

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