VOR slams Department of Justice for Dangerous Decision

What is VOR?


VOR is the only national organization which advocates to protect the rights of individuals who cannot speak for themselves. VOR, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) has been advocating for over 25 years in support of family decision-making rights and continuum of care options for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities., including their own home, family home, community based options and facility-based care.


VOR is the only national advocacy organization that expressly opposes efforts to eliminate the facility option while also supporting expansion of quality community programs. VOR advocates that the final determination of what is appropriate depends on the unique abilities, needs and desires of each individual, with the input of family and guardians where necessary and appropriate.


VOR really cares about the individual and is not bound by ideology which limits choice, person-centered planning or self-advocacy.


VOR has the voice that we need to hear more of – Please support VOR and their work.

Please see this link for Department of Justice Decision to learn about this most dangerous settlement



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