Do You Need Respite?

The instructions below are for those in Washington State – I would assume there would be a similar process in other states.


 Remember “Allowed” services DOES NOT mean “Approved” services.  History has proven that DDD does not typically approve allowed services on the first round.

Parents and guardians must fight for approval of services.  One more issue that adds to the crisis of the family.


1.  Contact your case manager to inform them of your needs – all must start here!  Links below are to policies and worksheets

Respite Care Pre-Screening

Respite Assessment Worksheet

Respite Application – Staffed Residential

Planned and Emergency Short Term Stays

Community Residential Services Referral and Acceptance


2. If denied, ask for a fair hearing.  This will give you a change to plead your case before an administrative law judge.  This process takes awhile.

3.  If still denied, take your case to your legislator and ask for their intervention.  At DDD only the director can admit someone to an RHC.  Your legislator needs to contact the director for information and make a request for placement.

4.If you don’t have time to wait for a fair hearing, go straight to your legislators


DDD Policy Manual


Need Help?  You may contact this author or ActionDD at



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