Advocates United!

Did you know that the US Supreme Court’s 1999 Olmstead decision supports a continuum of care model?  If not, take the opportunity to read it here.

Today, I attended a workshop entitled “it’s Natural to Belong.”   I fully believe if we consider the building blocks of Belonging, Participating and Contributing in looking at meaningful activities we will provide a system which is stable and sustainable.   Communities are all around us and we can belong to many communities at one time.  Communities are relationships.

Somewhere along the line disability advocacy became divisive.  This is clearly illustrated in the letter which I wrote to Senator Adam Kline in response to a letter he wrote to me about this very issue.  I certainly do not support  a divisive advocacy movement.  My advocacy has clearly been for a continuum of care which provides safe, quality and cost-effective care in the most appropriate setting for each person based on their assessed support needs.

 No matter where this care is physically located, there can always be community.

In discussion today it was very clear that the place of residence has very little to do with how a person participates in meaningful activities, belongs to, participates in or contributes to their community.  The interactions are based on relationships.  This is what we need to promote and foster to enable people, no matter where they live to be involved in communities.

My hopes are that we can move past the divisions and realize that in order to have a true stable and sustainable care system we need to all advocate for a continuum of care model.

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