I’m not on a Side

I believe in advocating for safe, quality care for our most vulnerable populations.  I believe in a continuum of care service  – a model which provides safe care to the individual as stated in the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Olmstead.  This court decision states that it is the individuals and/or their families/guardians choice to decide where they want to live.  There is nothing in this decision which states all must move out of the institution or that institutions should be closed.  It is this choice that I believe in.

Why is it that those who advocate for a continuum of care are viewed as “pro RHC” as if that is the only choice they advocate for?  This is what frustrates me.  Personally, I don’t care where a person chooses to live but I do care that they are getting safe, quality care.

I have written about a very disturbing situation this week  (see This must STOP). There has been no resolution to this situation yet.  The facts, as unbelievable as they are, are the facts.   Yes, they may seem convenient to make a point – but again, they are the facts.  As one of our Senators refers to his recommendation of a lawyer and writes “It seems to me that a family that has been abused by this conspiracy between DSHS, SL Start, and CPS—and perhaps Childrens Hospital—ought to get a lawyer and sue.”   This senator does not believe these allegations to be true and follows up his recommendations with the next paragraph:

“But I suspect this won’t happen.  I could be wrong, but I suspect that this story’s real value to the RHC advocates is in its expected political effect.  It portrays the RHC families—even the residents—as pawns in a game in which the malevolent community advocates are the operators.  SL Start is the villain in this instance, maybe the Arc the next time, maybe the Governor.  And you are “silenced” by these conspirators.  The victims are rendered mute, while only the conspirators may speak.  The conspirators “manipulate some of our community members.”   Oh, please!”

Obviously, this Senator believes this situation is fabricated to make an issue.  I wish it was but it’s not. This Senator goes on to berate me for being an advocate for safe and appropriate care and categorizes me into the “pro RHC” side.  When will he and others realize that it’s not about sides – it’s about safe and appropriate care for each individual.

View my response to this Senator’s letter to me here.

2 comments on “I’m not on a Side

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