NO Safety Net? It’s a possibility unless we make our voices heard!

We need a supportive coalition to prevent future cuts to our most vulnerable citizens. Our Governor and legislators need to hear from us, the people. We are the ones living the experience of crisis after crisis with a bare bones safety net. What happens when there is NO safety net?

Please uphold our 1999 US Supreme Court Decision Olmstead and the US DD Act by supporting a continuum of care service model. You can sign this petition to pass the message on to our Governor, Governor-to-be and legislators. We need to uphold our own State Constitution, Article 13 which states institutions need to be fostered and supported by the state.

The citizens of our state did win a major battle in the McCleary v State lawsuit.  This looks at the same part of the Washington State Constitution which we look at for care of our most vulnerable who need the high intense supports provided at our Residential Habilitation Centers (RHCs) to maintain their health and safety.  The issue is that there was a lawsuit to provide funding for education and there has not been a lawsuit against our state to “foster and support” the care of those in the RHC.  (I’m not advocating for a lawsuit – only for our State to do what is right and just and as is outlined in our Constitution)

Our state has no new revenue sources to fund the education which needs to be provided.  Without a source of revenue – what do you think will happen?  My guess is that our legislators and Governor will again look at our most vulnerable and again pull away their life sustaining support.  We can not let this happen.  We need to find other places which have at least a morsel of meat on the bones or provide a revenue source.

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