To The Arc of King County – HELP!

A letter from another mom – families such as ours are shunned and dismissed by The Arc.  It’s such a shame – people are not aware that the Arc does not advocate for those who have the highest support needs or for those who need the support needs of a Residential Habilitation Center.   My dream is to have a united advocacy for ALL people with intellectual disabilities – an advocacy group which understands the continuum of care services model.

Here is what the ARC is banning (written my another mother of a child with autism who is 21 and aging out of the school system – no program available for him next year)

Dear ARC,

I recently returned from Hawaii with my husband Denny and while we were there we stopped in at the Hilo ARC to see what type of services that they offer. I was really so pleased to find that they have an Adult Day Health Program, Personal Assistants Program and Commercial Services  .We were greeted by their wonderful executive director who explained how they run their adult programs on a very limited budget yet have quality programs.  I believe we could replicate something similar for adult day programs here. If the ARC of King County really wanted to help families who desperately need adult services this a good place to start.

This is how the Hawaiian Hilo ARC does it.

Referrals for the Hilo day program come from a DSHS caseworker. When a family calls and needs a day program for their adult child the caseworker calls the ARC to register the adult child. If a family needs one on one for their adult child at the day program the ARC will provide it. Their adult day programs are from 7:00 to 2:00 Monday thru Friday. Talk about great respite! The best part is that the adult day programs are free!

ARC of King County we need to actually do something for our community and stop the ongoing slam about Fircrest. We must move forward to also set up programs like the ones in Hilo Hawaii.  As we all know families whose 21 year olds are now about to graduate from High School really have no future and this must change. ARC you have a large talented staff that could easily put together programs like the ones in Hilo.  ARC I bet you can start day programs for adults by this summer.

ARC of King County please let us parents know if you are willing to help us moms, Dads, and loved ones with opening up adult day programs.  ARC if the answer is no
Please explain to us why. I will not take, that you do no have funds for supporting your members. I just don’t believe it.

Let’s stop the talk and start The ARC of King County an Adult Day Health Program, Personal Assistance program, and commercial services program. Just like the ones at the Hilo Hawaii ARC.

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