Fircrest Family and Friends

For those interested, we now have a Fircrest Family and Friends Google Group (


This is an informal group for families and friends of residents at Fircrest School. We are building a “natural supports” network in hopes of communicating with each other and sharing experiences, hopes and dreams. We work to bridge the divide and build a continuum of care service model.  Fircrest is a Residential Habilitation Center in Shoreline, WA (RHC) and is a campus community for our most vulnerable citizens.

There will be a bi-weekly newsletter published by families and friends to update us on what people are doing, inform us of changes on campus and also local community events.  We have already started some of these projects and during the summer we will be instituting a couple more programs.


2 comments on “Fircrest Family and Friends

  1. I’d like to be included in
    Please send me an invitation.


    • Hi Sarajane,

      I would gladly send you an invitation but I question your motives. You have been clearly a foe of Fircrest and I don’t understand why you would consider yourself a friend or family. Have you had a change of heart? If you could let me know your intentions and possibly meet with me so that I can talk with you regarding these issues, I would appreciate it.




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