“Life in a Mental Hospital”

Life in a Mental Hospital from The Opinion Pages of The New York Times.

Let this be a reminder to us with regards to the public system. This is a constitutional duty of ours to take care of our vulnerable citizens – it is not a money making business and never should be looked at in that way. Closing state institutions in favor of privatization turns the care of our vulnerable over to businesses who look at profits as more important than the people we need to care for. This is a form of abuse and neglect – something that I cannot support.

In many reports we hear about the closing of the state institutions – what people do not hear is not that larger institutions are actually common and there are thousands who still live in these congregate care facilities.  The difference is that these are private and not public or state run – doesn’t mean they are non-existent.  One only needs to look at the annual reports published by The Research and Training Center on Community Living  by the University of Minnesota to see the high numbers of people who choose to live in these facilities.   Not acknowledging this fact and not talking about the increase in privatization of residential and treatment facilities for our  most vulnerable is part of a “cover up” that goes on with inaccurate information being shared as facts by the “so called” advocates for our citizens with intellectual disabilities.
Take a look at the report and you may be surprised by the actual figures.  I am in the process of putting this into a format which is easy to read and grasp so people will be aware of this issue.  It is critical information to know.

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