Whoa – Senator Kline – Pull back the reins of deinstututionalization!

Senator Kline needs to have someone help him put the brakes on his road to destruction.  He is pushing for deinstitutionalization with no regards to cost or safety of this movement.  In listening to him speak in the DD Service System Task Force it is clear that his intention is to further the deinstutionalization movement, a movement which has already cost at least one person his life this past year from pure negligence, caused crisis in many families  – both those who live in the RHC and those in the community, and will continue to contribute to the crisis unless he is reined in and deprogrammed.

How many of you use a computer which looks like this one?

Or a cell phone such as this one?

If you were going to talk to others about computers and cell phones would you talk about the examples above?  I don’t think so.  I wonder why, then, that Senator Kline and other DD Advocates who push for deinstitutionalization with no regard to cost or appropriate care refer to institutions as this:

This is the photo The Arc uses when they refer to the ICF/ID

This is the photo that Disability Rights Washington uses when they refer to the ICF/ID

The photos below are taken at Fircrest Residential Center in Shoreline, one of our states ICF/IDs.  Do these look like the institutions above that The Arc and DRW speak about?

It’s time that those who are pushing for the deinstutionalizatoin with no regard to cost or care, reacquaint themselves with reality.  Their perceptions are as far from reality today as the computer and phone pictured above are from our computers and phones of today.


Please see the page entitled DD Service System Task Force for more information on this critical issue.  

2 comments on “Whoa – Senator Kline – Pull back the reins of deinstututionalization!

  1. Thank you for shining the light on the outdated information used to close facilities that are homes to our loved ones.


  2. Bob says:

    Senator Kline does not want to listen. I live in his district and after refusing to talk with me about RHCs/SOLA and the need to maintain the safety net and the need for respite care at RHCs I finally complained to Majority Leader Lisa Brown’s office. Finally Senator Kline met for coffee. He agreed that it was unfortunate that someone who had moved out of Frances Haddon Morgan Center had died due to the neglect by staff. He would not say when the last time was he had been to Rainier School, he admitted there was a need for respite care and for other forms of care and housing but absolutely refused to explain, beyond the “quality of life” generalization that cannot be substantiated, just assumed. If the Senator will not listen and if he is willing to put my family member at risk to satisfy a slogan I will do all I can to go around him to the rest of the Senate and House, to undo the damage of DRW and DDC and the ARC and protect the continuum of care and safety net and force the state to honor the Constitutional mandate to care of our vulnerable citizens.


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