The “unserved” – King County Legislative Forum

The Arc of King County and King County Developmental Disabilities Council hosted the recent Developmental Disabilities Legislative Forum.  The theme of the evening was “The Unserved.”    Yes, this is a huge issue but an even larger issue was the blatant discrimination against our most vulnerable citizens by The Arc of King County and Lance Morehouse, Outreach Coordinator and Advocacy Coordinator King County Parent Coalition, The Arc of King County.

Morehouse refused to allow two groups to speak at the forum stating there were time limits and a change of focus of the forum.  Make no mistake about this – these groups do serve the” unserved” and that is part of their focus but they were denied a chance to speak due to their advocacy for a continuum of care.  The Arc is opposed to any congregate care and therefore discriminates against those for whom this care is the LEAST RESTRICTIVE,  safest and cost effective care for those who chose this type of care.

The Arc of King County receives thousands of county and state public dollars every year for outreach and advocacy, parent training, parent to parent, and many other services.  The Arc uses some of these public funds to discriminate against our most vulnerable, censor information from advocates for a full continuum of care and block information which may be life-saving to some people with DD or their families.

It is time to question these practices which are paid for with public funds.

Below is a link to the letter which I wrote to members of the King County Council and legislators from King County.  I do hope that this issue will be taken seriously and these decision makers become aware of the publicly funded discrimination against our most vulnerable and their advocates.

Letter regarding King County and State dollars to The Arc of King County

Letter from Friends of Fircrest to Legislators regarding their exclusion from the DD King County Forum

Letter from Shoreline Community Lifelong Learning PTSA President regarding denial to inform legislators of this new community group

King County Developmental Disabilities and public funds to The Arc of King County

3 comments on “The “unserved” – King County Legislative Forum

  1. R C DOYLE says:

    Do we know how much public money and from what sources (county, city or state) funded the forum? This is a continuation of the kind of tactics they used in the past. Next year, we leaflet the attendees and the legislators, in fact we appoint a person to approach and interact with at least one Legislator and Council person so we make sure we are heard. Just some thoughts. Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 07:27:44 +0000 To:


    • One can look at the IRS 990 form from The Arc of King County and one can look at what the King County Developmental Disabilities Contract states and then make a guess as to what public funds were used for this discrimination.

      The King County Documents online only has the first page and not the full contract. I will be going to look at the contract and then I will know how much was given to The Arc of King County for each program.

      King County pays staff wages and benefits, pays for training, parent to parent, community events, outreach and advocacy – all funds which go to The Arc of King County.

      From my perspective all funds that were used to put on the DD Leg. Forum were funds used to discriminate against our most vulnerable.


  2. Personally, I do not care what a person chooses but I do care that people are allowed to have information from which to make informed choices. The Arc of King County does not provide this information or education and therefore, being the “spokesperson” for those with Developmental Disabilities, is not holding up their end of the deal. Not only do they not provide the information they deliberately block others from trying to inform the public of some life saving and life sustaining options.


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