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Today, the Arc of Washington issued an action alert.  There is inaccurate and misleading information in their alert.  I have written to Sue Elliott,  Executive Director and Diana Staddon, Policy Director with my concerns about using false information which doesn’t even relate to the bill (SB 5371).  When, and if, I hear back from them, I will post their answer.  I do hope they correct their errors.

I understand The Arc opposes this bill but I do need the organization to explain why and the reasons.  They claim SB 5371 is bad policy.  I claim their false information and unrelated information are bad policy.

The is funded with thousand of public dollars and I do not appreciate my dollars being spent in “false advertising”  and especially when those dollars are to be used to advocate for improvements to the care of our citizens with developmental disabilities but are used against them.  I believe we can do better if our public was allowed to be better informed.  I do not want to post their alert since it provides information which is wrong.  You can contact The Arc  – Washington State for information.

I need to post this on my own blog because I am blocked from posting on The Arc websites.  I cannot give the link since I am unable  to access their website. They consider my questions an attack against their organization.  All I would like are answers.

If you are interested I have attached my letters to our Senate Health Committee here.  I have commented on both SB 5370 and SB 5371

Senate Health Committee SB 5370

Senate Health Committee SB 5371

AFH citations for repeated violations

WA State Licensed Adult Homes for People with DD Citations 2011 and  2012 Samples

4 comments on “Arc alert

  1. Saskia Davis says:

    Hi Cheryl, I think it might be wise of us to allow ARCs opposition to 5371 to stand, their false info not withstanding. If the bill dies, it will mean defeat of the effort to take names out of statute and we need that defeat. We can still work on keeping YVS open. Extending the phoney task force will also result from the bill if it passes. Better to let it die.. That will just make for more of the same. Better to let it die.. That children would be allowed to enter RHCs is probably somebody’s mistaken perception rather than an outright lie. I wish it were true, but it isn’t. We still need to challenge that law. I keep saying this to A/DD ears, but so far they are not catching the ball to run with it.

    Take care, Saskia


    • Hi Saskia,
      Personally, I have issues with the bill and wouldn’t mind if it didn’t pass but I am concerned about the misinformation. I think the scare tactics that are often used without facts to back them up needs to be noted.


    • Also, I would like The Arc to answer my questions that I asked them about their action alert. They ought to be able to back up their reasoning. I do understand that The Arc is opposed to any form of congregate care and I was glad to hear Sue Elliott oppose the cap – not necessarily because she wants to open up beds but because it would be illegal to cap.


  2. I heard back from Sue Elliott. She assumed that since this bill did not specifically state children would not be allowed that they would be allowed. I disagree because the law passed in 2011 that those under 16 could not be allowed and those between 16 and 21 only in extreme cases. This bill does not address that issue at all.

    Personally, I see this bill as a waste of time and energy. The good parts are not that good and there are bad parts – it would be best just left to die.


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