Tierra Village – Job Opening!

Welcome to Tierra


We are a small land based community in Leavenworth Washington with similar core values to Camphill but in a multi-denomination setting. If you know of a co-worker/care provider who is great AND might be looking for work, can you pass this job announcement along to them.  The design of our house seeks to balance the intensity of the job with access to beautiful and private living space. 


We have a wonderful and small community at Tierra that works hard to keep life a learning experience. 




 Tierra Village, in Leavenworth, Washington, is seeking a dynamic and experienced care partner to work in spectacular natural setting. Responsibilities include supporting five adults with developmental disabilities access healthy options/ opportunities/connections. Successful applicant will live onsite in a separate spacious and hand-crafted apartment with private access and outdoor space. Application process closes August 5, 2013. Start Date October 15, 2013. Applications received will be reviewed on a rolling basis until position is filled. Please apply on-line at http://www.tierravillage.org/get-involved/job-opportunities/resident-managment-position 

Salary meets the industry standard. Benefits include housing, food when working, medical and vacation time.


Please see attached photos.

                     Thank you for passing this along to friends,


Shanda Holm


Tierra Village, Executive Director

12000 Sunitsch Canyon Road

Leavenworth, WA 98826

Ph.          509.548.6880 ext.2



We toured this community earlier this spring and were just in awe of what they have already accomplished.  Coyote House was nearing completion and you could see the love and attention that went into every detail of building this home for the needs of future residents.  The apartment for the resident manager was beautiful too and a wonderful perk to this job!

Please pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested.  This is truly a dream community and one which has developed from the love and devotion of the director and board.  I’m just sorry that this is not closer to my home so that I could work here – it would be a dream job for me!


Art Drawings of Coyote House Farm and field Welcome to Tierra View from the Ridge

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