Developmental Disabilities in Washington – First Flaw

Washington State Auditor’s Office published the Performance Audit “Developmental Disabilities in Washington:  Increasing Access and Equality”.  It is very unfortunate that the Auditor’s researchers did not understand the issues and what the data represented.  Many significant issues were left out or misrepresented in this report.   There are many flaws in this report.

First Flaw:

Data from the Research and Training Center on Community Living (Status and Trends Through 2010) were used for charts.

The Auditor’s report did not fully represent the data regarding people with ID/DD (Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities) served in settings of 16+ residents.  States have both state and private residential services and one needs to look at both types in order to compare services in various states.  Each state is different in how they manage their services.  Only looking at state services as the Auditor’s report does shows a very skewed representation of the real data.

The chart below is how the State Auditor represents that data:

Exhibit 7

The chart below is taken from the same report which the State Auditor used but has the full data regarding residential settings of 16+ residents on it – both state and private.  One can see there is a major difference in the appearance of the bar graph when one uses the full data.

16+ settings

The chart below is the same as the chart above but has the bars differentiating the state and private settings.

state and private

Auditor Charts

Auditor charts page 2


Kelly, Troy. (2013). Developmental Disabilities in Washington: Increasing Access and Equality. Performance Audit Report No. 1009938, Washington State Auditor.

Larson, S., Ryan, A., Salmi, P., Smith, D., & Wuorio, A. (2012). Residential Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities: Status and Trends Through 2010. Research and Training Center on Community Living, Institute on Community Integration/UCEDD. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota.

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