Malika is lost!



Today when I picked up my son at his house to take him to the doctor, he was very excited to tell me about things he had learned.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand what it means or how scary the situation is – to him it’s exciting news because someone he knows was on TV.

Malika lived in my son’s supportive community – “Malika moved”  “Malika on TV”  “Malika lost”  was the news that he told me.

Malika has now been found:

A 17-year-old mentally disabled girl who ran away from a Bonney Lake-area group home Sunday was found safe this morning, according to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.

Auburn police found Maliika Andrus at a Starbucks coffee shop after a witness reported seeing her. She was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and will be returned to the group home later today.

Staff last saw the teen early Sunday morning at the facility in the 18400 block of South Tapps Drive East. Deputies believe she tampered with the alarm on the window of her room so she could escape

Washington State passed a harmful law in 2011 which prohibits “youth” 21 and under from admission to the supportive community of our state’s Residential Habilitation Centers (RHCs).  They may be allowed short term admission in crisis situations if no other alternatives are available.  The only alternative is the new 3-bed crisis stabilization unit – that is hardly sufficient to safely care for our youth.   Malika was most likely admitted on a short term stay and that had expired.  Our state had to evict her from the safe community to a group home.  Alarms are not nearly as safe as alert human eyes and presence.
This law puts all our youth with disabilities and their families at risk.  We need to overturn this law to help prevent harm to our loved ones.


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