Support Residential Choice

Support our neighborhoods and communities!

Why do people and organizations which claim to advocate for person centered care and individual choice totally violate their own missions by turning tables and taking away choice of certain populations?

Case in point is the view of many mainstream and misguided Developmental Divisibility groups which want to deny people with developmental disabilities true choice in choosing their neighborhoods and homes.  They are so intent on “desegregation” that they are promoting discrimination and neglect.   They do not understand that what they call “desegregation” is actually increasing isolation of not only the person with the disability but their families as well.

The National Council on Disabilities is intent on re-writing definitions of communities.  With those definitions they are excluding specific settings, setting proximity limits of residences, using quota limits on numbers of residents with I/DD allowed in a setting, and limiting option for neighborhoods and communities which include people with I/DD as residents.  An individual with I/DD has the right to choose a home and community appropriate to his or her support needs, a right which is given to the general population.  Denying this right to people only due to I/DD is discrimination.

Many of us desire campus type communities with services and supports on campus.  Many of us are looking at building farming communities for our loved ones building homes close together, within safe walking distance, to encourage community participation.  Many of us are looking at a spectrum of possibilities to help solve the crisis in housing and safe supports for our children.

We are trying to solve a problem -yet we are seen as the problem because we see the Emperor has no clothes and they want to continue to believe he has an elegant outfit on.  Sorry – he’s butt naked!

If you would like to help expose the Emperor and help solve the problem please write to the National Council on Disabilities and inform them that you honor residential choice as written in Olmstead v. L.C. , the US Supreme Court decision which protects against involuntary placements and upholds one’s right to choice of residential placement, support services, and community.  This important ruling is misinterpreted when used to exclude or limit residential options in cases where residents with I/DD voluntarily choose to live with self-determined lifestyles and desired support services or when used to exclude any residential setting modeled after communities.

Send your letters to:

Chairman Jeff Rosen and NCD Members,
National Council on Disability



One comment on “Support Residential Choice

  1. Alycea Tetto says:

    Segregation is not a choice. segregation is costly both in dollars and quality of life. The age of large private and public segregated facilities has long passed. the intentions may have been noble but any actual objective evaluation of these institutions clearly reveals they were places of abuse, neglect, and increased dependency.
    I do not dispute the facilities have improved and can continue to improve. The improvement is the right answer to the wrong question. Can segregated institutions be improved? The answer of course is yes. The question however starts with an erroneous premise,. The premise that large impersonal facilities are a needed option.
    My experience as a father of a daughter with a disability and the experience of the vast majority of individuals who have had the good fortune to transition to less restrictive housing and support choices reflect the segregated facilities are not necessary. In addition, the young people growing up today with a disability and their families are not hoping for a future in a large segregated facility, be it private or public.
    In reference to choice, if families wish to utilize public funds for segregated facilities, it is a choice that is theirs to make.. It however is not the public responsibility to fund such facilities at a substantially higher per person cost per year. In addition the choice of living in such a facility should to the extent feasible made by the person who is going to live in the facility, not his or her parents or guardians.
    Freedom is the best choice of all. Freedom of choice is greatly compromised in both state run developmental centers and large private facilities.


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