Who is really to blame?

Good questions, Sylvia. Why does The Arc blame those in institutions for lack of services in the community? This myth is perpetuated over and over with no basis in fact. We hear the “haves and have nots” and yes, that is true but it has nothing to do with those in the institutions vs those in community settings. Do you realize this is a continuum and we have a fluidity of people that may go back and forth between these settings?

It really is time to be in one boat – the boat for services and supports for those with intellectual/devlepomental disabilities – realizing there are choices, choices that are supposedly guaranteed under the Olmstead Decisions but choices which are becoming more and more restricted.

It is time to stop the blame, understand and work towards a common goal.

Inclusion Includes Everyone

I’ve been contemplating the idea of blame recently, and it really troubles me. Why do we point the finger in blame at someone when we know better?

  •  We blame parents of children with autism for not controlling their children’s behavior, when we KNOW better that this is a neurological disorder of the brain.
  •  We blame people with mental illness for their behavior when we know that this TOO is a disorder of the brain.
  • We blame the poor for not working hard enough, when we know the working poor in this country are often working too many hours and are barely compensated enough to even pass the poverty line.

Why does this pattern of blame for the individual permeate our society when we clearly know better?

Perhaps we are afraid of losing control ourselves, or maybe we are afraid we can’t really help. I worry that our quickness to blame…

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