Below is the full interview with Launi about raising a son with a disability.

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For starters, I’d like to gather some detail on your child, like his age, name, disability, etc. Is his disability severe?

Hi – For the sake of his privacy I’d like to limit this answer.  He is 23 now, called Mark, and has the primary diagnosis of Autism.  When he was admitted to his present situation, they added the diagnosis of Bi-polar disorder.  No one ever discusses it, but the elephant in the room is his profound cognitive delays (tests indicate that he ranges from 18months for verbal skills and up to 7 years for motor skills).

Along with that, I just want to confirm your age and occupation. From your response it says you were born in 1957, are you 58? 

I will be 58 later this year.  I work part time for a local photographer.

Okay, now on to the more interesting stuff!


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  1. Jeanie Barrett says:

    Good morning, Cheryl, Have you ever submitted any of your articles to the Seattle Times opinion page? You are such a gifted writer that I think your work would be of great value to us. You have such a broad knowledge and research background that the rest of us continue to learn from you. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Have a great day. Jeanie Barrett, mother of Lonnie at Rainier School.


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