Mental Age Theory – Censored

Posting as a follow up to my previous post.  Apparently the editor of NOS Magazine did not approve of the comments that I and another advocate posted.  The comments have been deleted.  I have not received an answer from the editor regarding the reason for deletion.

I have had contact with the author of the article “Mental Age Theory Hurts People with Intellectual Disabilities” and I hope to meet with her and my son in the near future.  This is my attempt at trying to bridge the gap that is present due to what I refer to as “motive asymmetry”

Below is a link to the deleted comments – these are my comments and responses that were deleted.

NOS deleted my comments on mental age Sept 2017


One comment on “Mental Age Theory – Censored

  1. Sara Luterman, editor of NOS Magazine replied to my question regarding why my posts were deleted – This is her response:
    Hi Cheryl,

    NOS Magazine is a community by and for self-advocates. You comments were deleted because multiple readers with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including the author, found your comments upsetting and hurtful.

    Additionally, your comments were not contributing to a constructive discussion. You seemed much more committed to explaining to Ivanova why her feelings don’t matter than having an actual dialogue.

    This is a site by and for self-advocates, self-advocate opinions and feelings take precedence. You are welcome to take your opinions somewhere else.



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