Thank you for your very real description of what our life is like. My first thought before making any other plan is “who is going to be there for my son” – even as I was being wheeled out of my home with a pulmonary embolism by medics, my thoughts were on who was going to be there when my son woke up in the morning.

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There was no clear way to diagnose it and we had no idea it was even a consideration. But, as is often the case, it was discovered through a routine process of elimination and had nothing to do with the original symptoms.

See, it was the third ear infection in a row for my daughter. And even as I’m typing this, I’m exhausted by thinking about simply recounting the whole, three-month process that led to her diagnosis of Strep. The trips to the doctor; the first medication that didn’t work and having to go back to the doctor to get a different one; the one medication that required her not eating dairy (when putting medication in her cheese is one of the main ways we get it down her – yeah …that was interesting) …all of it …is just stuff we don’t talk about most of the time.

The truth…

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One comment on “WHY I CAN’T TAKE YOUR CALL …

  1. Beth Spencer DiJulio says:

    Oh WOW……..Cheryl-
    This is huge!!!
    I am thinking of you-
    Sending lots of positive prayers &
    energy right in to YOU!!


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