Endorsing a Bully

Disability Rights Washington is presenting their “Breaking Barriers” awards fundraiser this month.  Below is information from the Disability Rights Washington Website which describes this award.

Ex-Commissioner (Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities) Shaun Bickley, was chosen as the recipient for the Advocacy Award.  There are many of us in the disability community who have been victims of Shaun Bickley’s online malicious and cruel attacks, slander and libel.  We are upset about Bickley’s violations of the First Amendment as a Commissioner, falsified data and information Bickley presented to the Commission, the previous Mayor, the previous Director of the  Office of Labor Standards and the Seattle City Council.

In addition to the above allegations (all well documented in public records), Bickley had extreme disregard for the by-laws and code of conduct of the Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities.  In fact, after Mayor Durkan did not re-appoint Bickley to the Commission, Bickley took it upon himself to return to the Commission the next month and have himself voted in as the co-chair with a Commission appointed seat.  Bickley continues to refer to himself as the Co-Chair of the Commission despite not being appointed by the City Council.  This is a violation of the by-laws but evidently, Bickley is not held accountable to those by-laws.

“Bully”  is the least offensive description that many who have encountered Shaun Bickley use to describe his actions towards others.

How has it come to be that a BULLY is being honored as a recipient of this “Breaking Barriers” award?

 2018 DRW Breaking Barriers Awards! 

September 29, 2018

Each year, Disability Rights Washington presents its Breaking Barriers Awards.  These prestigious awards honor a business, an elected official or public servant, and an advocate with a disability for breaking barriers to advance the rights of and improve the lives of people with disabilities in Washington State. Specifically, Disability Rights Washington will present the following awards:

  • Advocacy Award
  • Public Policy Award
  • Business Leader Award

Advocacy Award

Disability Rights Washington presents this award to an advocate with a disability who has made significant contributions in the past year to advance the rights of people with disabilities in Washington State.

Breaking Barriers 2018 - Shaun Bickley


5 comments on “Endorsing a Bully

  1. Drake says:

    Bully: Takes one to know one. If you really cared about transparency and good governance, you wouldn’t advocate it by singling out a person on the spectrum and harassing them to the point that a restraining order is needed. Shaun Bickley came this far to Seattle Disability Commission position despite poverty, parents who discouraged and shamed him from employment, and being on the spectrum. What have you done that merits an award?


  2. We know nothing about Shaun Bickley personally other than that he is autistic and an activist and works really hard. The only reason Bickley is singled out is because he singled himself out by being the sole person on the Commission who could answer anything regarding a supposedly “unanimous” decision and credits himself across various social media sites as the person that got subminimum wage eliminated in Seattle.

    That came at a cost to many, and probably also to Bickley himself, since there is scrutiny regarding how the legislation came to be regarding censorship, violations of the First Amendment and other falsifications of information.

    If you want to discuss the facts, we would be more than happy to do that.


    • Drake says:

      I respect your right to disagree with the legislation and how it was implemented, that was not what I was referring to. I am referring to your campaign of personal attacks, harassment, and efforts to undermine Shaun Bickley’s work at the ARC. I understand a want to focus on the issues, but such a call rings hallow when you have a restraining order placed against you.


      • Regarding issues of The Arc and Shaun Bickley – There was never any discussion with The Arc regarding his job. The Arc was made aware of abusive language and actions Bickley used at a Commission meeting towards a constituent. There is no restraining order against me or against Bickley (at least that I am involved in – someone else may have a restraining order). I’m not sure what you are using for your information but it seems to be inaccurate.


        • Also – feel free to read the letters in the links for information that has been shared. I believe in accountability and transparency and that’s why they are included. After you read those, if you would like to have a discussion on the issues, I would be more than happy to have a discussion.


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