Vigilante Justice

When I got home from work last night, my husband handed me the New York Times and told me to read the Opinion Essay written by David Brooks titled

The Cruelty of Call-Out Culture

“Once you adopt binary thinking in which people are categorized as good or evil, once you give random people the power to destroy lives without any process, you have taken a step toward the Rwandan genocide.”



It really was good timing given the events of the day.  I had found out that SB,  a person who identifies as the Co-Chair of the Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities had written a scathing letter about me to the CEO/President of the company that employs me.  My job has nothing at all to do with my volunteer work with this blog or with my volunteer advocacy work so the only reason that Bickley would have to write such as letter would be harassment and abuse.

Since I had to file a police report on November 3, 2018 for cyberbullying and libel due to another public essay written by SB,  I have not seen or heard anything from this person.  Why the sudden letter writing campaign now?  What is the purpose of the harassment and what does SB have to gain by abusing and bullying others?

There is one word which could have nipped all this abuse in the bud – ACCOUNTABILITY.   Unfortunately, when my encounters with SB started, SB refused to be accountable and continues to refuse – instead fabricating actions of abuse from others and claiming to be a victim from all the ableist people in our communities.

Intimidation concept.


Now, SB has also solicited a friend, Jennifer White, CEO of Able Opportunities to also write a letter to the CEO/President of my employer.  I have never met Ms. White nor have I ever had any contact with her.  She also wrote that she did not know me but asked if I was using these “bullying tactics with Mr. Bickley, how is she interacting with other vulnerable adults with disabilities who receive services at your hospital?

Now, again, with the escalation of abuse and threats written by SB in this recent letter, another police report will be filed, legal counsel will be retained and there may be court interventions.

Responsibility highlighted in green

It is shameful that things have been allowed to get so out of control.  The issues are not new and many people have reported complaints of abuse, harassment, stalking and other behaviors of SB to the City of Seattle.

Mayor Durkan did not reappoint SB to his Commission seat and SB then solicited the Commission to appoint them to a Commission seat and also to re-appoint them to the co-chair position in August 2018.  September 21, 2018, SB was “voted out of committee” for this Commission seat despite several people providing public testimony against this appointment.

Typically, once a Commission Appointee is “voted out of committee”  they are officially appointed by the Full Council the next council meeting.  The other Commission Appointee from the September 21, 2018 committee meeting was appointed on October 1, 2018.  To this date, SB has not been appointed by the City Council identifies as the Co-Chair of the Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities and writes letters with that title.

It’s one thing to be called out for something one actually did but when one is “called out” for false allegations against you that is cyberbullying/libel.  It’s a whole different ball game.

NPR Invisibilia Podcast episode


2 comments on “Vigilante Justice

  1. anon says:

    Although I never was exposed to any personal harassment, stalking, and abuse by SB I’ve interacted with him/them(? not sure of gender) very briefly in various capacities through his placement at Seattle Alliance for People with disAbilities and then at the ARC. I noted at once that he was ill fit for a client facing position due to his tone and frustration with me which made me uncomfortable interacting with him personally going forward, something I mentioned to the staff at both organizations. I have had interactions with kind government workers who, while trying to be diplomatic, let it slip that he was “mean and unprofessional”. Although not directed at me, I learned of a similar sounding angry outburst accusing people of “ableism”, spreading misinformation, and rallying others who weren’t aware of the full story into a witch hunt against those people, which ended up being very unprofessional and cruel. I am not sure how he has the power to get people on his side so easily as I have always seen through his actions. Calling other disabled people ableist can be a very effective form of creating rifts and unnecessary in groups within the community, much like what you see with in group fighting in the LGBT community (the difficulty for trans people to be accepted, etc.)

    I have wanted to get more involved with the city but I am uncomfortable with his position right now. In addition I have met other board members personally, and tried to contact and email them with suggestions or concerns within the city, to no avail. It doesn’t seem like a very professional group right now which is a shame. I’m not really sure what the board does if they don’t respond to community input and questions via personal emails, the phone number, etc.


  2. I’m sorry this happened to you. Since this post was written, SB was removed from the Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities. SB wrote fraudulent letters self-identifying as the co-chair of that commission without any consultation or communication with other commissioners.


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